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Analyze anything

Analyze anything

From user interviews to sales calls and industry reports, uncover deep customer insights at speed.

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Highlight and tag

Analyze at lightspeed with powerful analysis features, including transcription, tagging, views, thematic clustering, and sentiment analysis.

Import data

Pull in videos, audio, documents, presentations, and text through integrations or bulk upload.

Tag key themes

Highlight and tag to elevate important moments or quotes across unstructured data.

Uncover patterns

Segment and visualize your highlights and tags to uncover new patterns and themes.

Share impactful insights

Translate highlights into beautiful reports that inspire action with your team and stakeholders.

Works for all kinds of customer data

Use Dovetail projects to uncover insights across all kinds of customer touch-points, including user interviews, product feedback, competitor analysis, surveys, and more.

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Your data, five ways

We know data comes in different shapes and sizes. Adapt how you visualize data with custom views, purpose-built for research.

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Replacing tools like
Microsoft Excel
Google Sheets
Winfred Jelka

could be better...They have made a good attempt but too many issues. They should fix all the problems soon.

Fernanda Dov

Hope they fix the small performance problems but I am very happy!

Christine Elena

I have been using the app daily and have had a great experience. I am unsure why others are facing the problems :(

Customer love13
User experience23
Interview #2: Blake

a colleague from another company was using it at their work and they thought it was really helpful and helped them get stuff done and seemed like it could be applicable to my job as well. So I, I downloaded it and gave it a shot.

Kumiko Leuthar

Not sure what happened in the latest updated but the app is now constantly needed to be refreshed and restarted. Keep disconnecting!!

Interview #1: Bec

I first heard about it when a colleague sent me a link to check his work and it prompted me to download the app to look at it on my phone.

Interview #2: Bec

Mm, it's really good. I, yeah, I think if it was a little bit faster, I'd be way more inclined to check things on my phone at the moment. I still would prefer to use the web app on desktop, but I think if you fix those issues with the slowness, it would be i'd, I'd go to it all the time.

Galal Kiera

It works fine but sometimes some issues. I really love using this app but I face a lot of bugs everyday! please improve it

Wilford Henning

Love it but bugs sometimes. I use this app daily for uni and work but i do face bugs here and there. hope they fix it. keep up the good work!


Collaborate on customer insights

Make analysis a team sport by uncovering themes across your highlights and tags.

Pie chart
Bar chart
Radar plot

Identify trends in your data

Segment data with custom fields and demographics or compare with our four chart layouts.

Design insights that influence

Effortlessly translate your analysis and themes into traceable insights that inspire action. Build up a rich insights library for your organization.

Build an insights hub

Mobile app research

Some of our customers think our pricing model is too expensive

2 hours ago

Mobile app research

Most customers prefer to use our real-time messaging chat feature for communication

2 hours ago

Mobile app research

The top issues our customers are worried about reliability and performance

2 hours ago

Mobile app research

Customers are struggling to search for products effectively

2 hours ago

Mobile app research

Bugs are negatively affecting our app store scores

2 hours ago

Mobile app research

Customers are struggling to search for products effectively

2 hours ago

Magic search

Search by topic, ask questions, and get summarized answers

Magic summarize

Accurate, instant, timestamped summaries of video calls

Magic highlight

Automatic suggestions for key moments in video calls

Magic cluster

One-click thematic classification of highlights on a canvas

Tag boards

Edit, copy, move, and merge tags throughout your analysis. Create shared tags for your team.

Collaborative analysis

Use canvas to affinity map highlights as a team and find themes together.


Visualize your data in a quantitative manner using our 4 different chart layouts.


Visualize your data in 5 different views; board, table, canvas, grid, and list layouts.

Structured data

Create custom fields to organize data by key attributes like name, age, and more.

Project readme

Add a readme to capture your goals, hypotheses, research plan, and other useful context.

Bulk edit

Select multiple notes, tags, and insights, and edit them at all once.

Accurate transcription

An advanced speech engine for reliable transcripts across topics, industries, and accents.

Custom vocabulary

Add specialized or context-specific words to expand your transcription’s vocabulary.

Speaker detection

Automatically detect multiple speakers from your file. Add and rename speakers.

Synced playback

Follow along with your video transcript while you listen to the recording.

Editable transcripts

Redact, split monologues, and tidy transcripts with full text editing capabilities.

Document analysis

Import, analyze, and store your files, presentations, images, videos, and other documents.

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User interviews
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Decide what to build next

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