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Customer interviews

Recommendations for improving accessibility

Northcote Aquatic Centre, Melbourne has run swimming classes in Auslan since 2014, with families traveling from around the city to attend...

2 hours ago

Customer interviews

2 hours ago

High volume feedback analysis

Deloitte US: 2023 Technology Industry Outlook

2 hours ago

Mobile app research

Bugs are negatively affecting our app scores

2 hours ago

Product feedback

1 hour ago

Mobile app research

Interview #2: Blake

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. I would like to hear a little bit about how you found out about our app. Yeah. Actually a colleague from another company was using it at their work and they thought it was really helpful and helped them get stuff done and seemed like it could be applic...

3 days ago

First user onboarding

Unmoderated: Anna
Pricing page3

35 minutes ago

Mobile app research

User experience23

3 days ago

Market research

Adobe Stock: Creative Trends Report 2022

2 hours ago

Customer interviews

Users struggle to find trends from a smaller audience pool

And then we’ll probably do some pull requests, review some code, make some decisions... And then for the rest of the day just work on a ticket that’s been assigned...


Mobile app research


3 days ago

Building VoC 2023

“Actionable” insights are those that can be used to influence product decisions

4 hours ago

High volume feedback analysis

Interview #1: Bec

I, yeah, I really like that there's like a focused mobile experience. It's really impressive that you've brought all of those like concepts down to like a app friendly format and it's really nice to be able to ju...

Customer love13
Mobile experience8
User experience23


Views filtering

🕹 The experience did not really meet expectations, but I'm not sure this was due to the task clarity

12 minutes ago

screenshot of Atlassian's dovetail landing page

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Desktop app

Market research

Jönkoping University: The Triggers of Buyers Regret of Impulsive Purchases

2 hours ago

Blog content 2023

How to make something simple with Jess Faccin from Canva

2 hours ago

Mobile app research

Customers prefer our desktop app and are struggling to gain value on mobile

2 hours ago

Industry trends

E-commerce Market Share, Growth & Trends Report 2020-2027

2 hours ago

Competitor analysis

Digital Summit 2023: The Future of Tech and AI

1 hour ago

Chat usability testing

Most customers prefer to use our real-time messaging chat feature for communication

2 hour ago

Buyer research

Sep 30 - Buyer research walkthough

2 hours ago

Insights hub

Global Reporting Initiative: SDG Progress Report 2020

2 hours ago

Customers prefer our desktop app and are struggling to gain value on mobile
2 Feb 2023

Kai Forsyth

2 hours ago

@Bec Lourey This is great! Let’s run through these findings with the team during the kickoff next week.


Customers prefer our desktop app and are struggling to gain value on mobile, due to issues with wayfinding and onboarding. Performance is also an issue, and customers are switching to competitor tools.
Customers have noticed that wayfinding and onboarding is quite difficult and slow on our mobile experience and missing key features to speed up their workflow. These customers as a result are moving back to our desktop application.
This is a cause for concern as a lot of our customers are worried about the reliability and overall performance of the app.
Because of this some of our customers are not switching back to our desktop experience but moving to our competitor tools instead.
The main drivers of this seem to be related to onboarding and the performance of the app:

Mobile app research

Interview #1: Bec

Mm, it's really good. I, yea, I think if it was a little bit faster, I'd be way more inclined to check things on my phone at the moment. I still would prefer to use the web app on desktop, but i think if you fix those issues with the slowness, it would be i'd, I'd go to it all the time.


Mobile app research

Interview #2: Blake

Well, so i found it really difficult to sort of find my way around the app. So i kind of came in trying to get, continue my, you know, progress on a piece of work and i was having trouble just finding where it was. Like there was some lists on the left and there was like a page on the right, but that wasn't my team‘s page. I was just a bit confused. There was no search or anything like that. So i wish that was easier.

Navigation issues4
User experience23
A recently published benchmark report also highlighted that our adoption metrics are below what is considered the industry standard for consumer mobile apps:
Benchmark reports-kit.zip
Uncovered themes
These themes are also reflected in our reviews on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store:

Our app store rating has recently dropped from 4.3 to 3.8 over the last few months and we’ve noticed an increase in mentions of performance.

Mobile app research

Herleifr Waldemar

Love using the app but slow sometimes. I've been using this app on iPhone, iPad and Mac for a long time, and have been extremely happy with it. But sometimes I do think the app gets a bit slow.

Mobile app research

Some features are slow but overall great app

Some features are slow but overall great app. I enjoy using this app a lot but it really bothers me that some actions take a lot of time to complete.

In our evaluative research
our quantitative survey also highlighted that users struggled to complete Task 4
which we believe is a significant contributor to adoption on mobile:
Task 1Task 2Task 3Task 4
Time on task3:040:530:301:20
Useability score8677

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