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Turn all of your customer data into deep understanding.

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Dovetail brings everything into one place. Everyone in the product team can easily go in and view research sessions. It makes everything less chaotic, more organized, and the research team less stressed.

Becky White

Head of Design Research

Read customer story

Ditch the spreadsheets

Quickly uncover themes across all your customer data without sacrificing on quality. Reveal new perspectives, motivations, and goals to unlock your team.

Accurately transcribe video and audio
Elevate important moments with tags
Cluster and visualize key themes using AI
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Influence with insights

Bring your user to life with visually stunning evidence-backed insights that demand your stakeholders’ attention. Share them in the tools your team is already using.

Embed playlist of important video highlights
Connect evidence straight back to the source
Easily share and invite viewers
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Make every study count

Keep all your research in one place. Insights will live on and your team will have always customer knowledge at their fingertips.

Tailor the stakeholder experience with custom home
Standardize how your team work with templates
Manage PII with advanced security features
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User interviews
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Connect your workflow

Integrate Dovetail with your team's tools to create a powerful insights hub that fits seamlessly with the way you work

No researcher is an island: find your research heroes

Decide what to build next

Decide what to build next

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