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Everything’s in the one place and the team only needs to remember one link. It’s absolutely our tool end-to-end. I don't know what we’d do without it actually.

Jules Lipman

Product Designer

Read customer story

Define customer problems

Collaborate with your team to uncover themes across your data and find customer problems and opportunities fast.

Accurately transcribe video and audio
Elevate important moments with tags
Find themes collaboratively using canvas
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Back up design decisions

Build confidence in your designs with evidence-backed insights. Surface them to your team in the tools they use—like Slack, Notion, ProductBoard, and more.

Create playlist of your video highlights
Quickly summarize notes and insights with AI
Create beautiful, sharable insights for your team
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Less digging, more designing

Centralize usability tests, customer interviews, and product feedback in a single, searchable source. Stop repeating research so you can move faster with limited resources.

Deep search to find what you’re looking for
Welcome stakeholders with custom home
Manage PII with advanced security features
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Template image
Customer interview tags
Tag board by Dovetail

Connect your workflow

Integrate Dovetail with your team's tools to create a powerful insights hub that fits seamlessly with the way you work

Stakeholder buy-in at every step, now with AI-powered summaries

Decide what to build next

Decide what to build next

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